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Hotel Review: Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

the titanic hotel

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The benefits of being six foot six are limitless – when I’m not retrieving a loftily placed tin of beans for the sake of a vertically challenged supermarket shopper, I’m supplying an as-yet unexhausted source of merriment for my children by touching the ceiling without jumping.

But there are drawbacks, too. Arguably chief among these is the fact the upper portion of your skull is perfectly aligned with the top of virtually every door frame in the country. Without a deft knee-bend, while entering a room, you’re assured the kind of bony thud that, were you on a football pitch, would have a physio directing pointy torches into your eyes and asking you to count to three.

Titanic-Liverpool room

So there’s a very real pleasure to be gained when entering a world where everything seems, well, bigger. Art galleries can be like that. Stately homes, too. But the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool takes it to a new level. This is tall people’s heaven.

Located on the Stanley Dock a couple of miles outside of Liverpool city centre (a fiver in an Uber), the Titanic – which has nods to the famous liner throughout if no official connection – is a conversion of the Grade II-listed North Warehouse, a former rum warehouse that had lain unused for years before a £130m redevelopment of the entire dock began in 2011.

Rum Warehouse Exterior

The resulting hotel, which opened in 2014, is completely stunning. Its Victorian warehouse roots have given it both character in spades and dimensions which have to be seen to be fully believed. There are vast bar areas, soaring ceilings, cavernous corridors, and an enormous restaurant – Stanley’s Bar & Grill – serving a well-executed if no-frills menu.

But it’s the rooms that elevate this hotel to somewhere genuinely unforgettable. Starting from 56 square metres, they are nothing short of immense. Our superior double was at least three times the size of any other hotel I have ever stayed in, and probably 10 times bigger than the dearer Paris hotel room I stayed in a few months ago. In fact, our bathroom alone was twice the size of that one. 

Titanic-Liverpool-Stanley's Bar and Grill

Here at the Titanic, we had lofty brick ceilings, stylish furniture, acres of carpeted floor, and to top it all a view over the also-to-be-renovated Tobacco Warehouse across the water, all 27 million bricks of it (it’s Europe’s biggest brick building).

And it’s all less than an hour’s drive away. Tall person or not, enjoy the delights of modern Liverpool and make the Titanic your next city break. You definitely won’t bang your head.

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Written by
David Prior

David Prior is an NCTJ-qualified journalist and the editor of Big Family Breaks. He is also a father of five and an experienced traveller, especially with kids.

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